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More about Special Education for Special Children

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Dyslexia is a disability wherein a person experiences difficulty to read. The difficulty is manifested when a person has a hard time learning to read or write any form of writing system, like the alphabet. Dyslexic people also find it hard to discern rhyming words and often misspell words because of their inability to differentiate the spoken and the written word. If there are people who find it hard to read, there are also those who find it hard to speak and write. People with dysphasia or aphasia find difficulty in speaking and their speech tend to be incomprehensible.

A lot of people claim they are bad in Mathematics, but in reality, there really are people who are unable to learn any mathematical concept. Dyscalculia is a condition that hinders a person from learning math because anyone who has dyscalculia also has an inborn problem to understand math. People who experience this may also have a difficulty telling time or reading the map.

Kids who encounter these kinds of disabilities should not be rid of their right to learn. Special education teachers and tutors are available for them. Special education students are either mingled with regular kids for a certain time, or are “segregated” and taught separated from the regular students. In whatever way kids with learning disabilities are taught, the important thing is that they do not let their incapacities get in the way of their education.

There are not that many special education tutors around because of the challenge incorporated with the profession. Special education tutors may want to consider business card printing so that parents who may require tutoring services can contact them. Teachers can also print business cards and distribute it to parents who want to have their children undergo remedial classes.

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