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Becoming A Mathematics Genius

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

There are a lot of reasons why people fail in mathematics. Some really hate it from the core of their heart, some start shivering, some get nightmares due to it. Some even become dither when they come across a typical mathematical problem. But there are a lot of people who just love mathematics and love to play with the sums. They use mathematics wisely in their day to day life. So what does it take to become a mathematical genius? Well, the answer is, you need to follow a few guidelines to become comfortable with mathematics. You are a student and trying to score in your school and mathematics gives you nightmares. All you need to know is, the basic mathematics is all about practice.

Basic mathematics is focused on one thing, that a student should learn the basics of mathematics. So this type of mathematics is based on formulas. There is only one way to get mastery over this type of mathematics, that is, focus more on concepts, practice the sums and try a few other variations of the sums. This will help you to get hold on mathematics very quickly. Basic mathematics is all about learning and practising. So follow the above rules. If you are in a higher class or preparing for some entrance examination, the techniques will be different for you.

Entrance examination mathematics basically is focused on eliminating students so that only quality students can be selected. Most of the question will be so tricky that one can easily be confused. The best way to solve entrance examination questions is, that always know that there is always a quicker and trickier approach to solve the problem. Try to even figure out the answer by attempting the options rather then solving entire detailed question. So, now you may have got the idea how basic mathematics is different from the higher level mathematics or entrance examination oriented mathematics.

Teaching Your Child Life Skills

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

One of the skills that a child can learn is competition; they learn to compete with their peers in a friendly environment. They are able to pick up the required skills through practice teaching them that they can accomplish anything. They learn to be gracious winners and good sportsmanship through these competitive games of chess. This teaches them to be confident and gives them a sense of independent accomplishment, helping them take on life’s challenges in their later years.

While in competition, another skill learned by children is the sense of community, by giving a helping hand to other children who are learning to play the game. They help create ways to win the game; they help represent the games at their schools. They take part in the two player teams where they help each other develop their skills through practice and cooperation.

Playing the game of chess also helps children learn fair play, this is very important in the child’s later years making them more likely to grow up and treat other fairly, and to be respectful of others feelings. In addition, to being fair they learn how to treat others equally. They play against children of all races, genders and many different ages. They will discover that everyone who plays chess has an equal opportunity to be winners of the game. They also learn to play the game by the rules and they know that everyone will have the exact same rules. In this process they know that they are not any different from anyone else and the game of chess does not have any favorites, in order to win you must be like everyone else who plays the game, and learn the game through practice and game play.

In the game of chess, children learn the value of working hard; they must study the game, from beginning tactics to more advanced strategies. They will learn that through intense study and long hours of practice that they will be able to succeed at winning in competition. These skills come in handy for your child when they are in school, and through out their lives, they learn that through hard work and persistence they will succeed.

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