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Practical Life Skills Curriculum

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

The first set of skills that a good life skills curriculum should teach are social skills. It is essential that people learn how to competently communicate with others. This can include talking, writing, use of body language or any other way. Regardless of how it is done the bottom line is that people need to know how to get along with each other.

Financial literacy skills are also extremely important. In today’s age it is vital we prepare this generation with practical financial literacy skills before they leave home. Money is a necessary and significant part of life, so by learning these skills young people are better prepared to enter adult life. If people don’t know to manage their finances they probably will experience a lot of issues later in life. You should focus on a practical financial literacy skill sets that they will use. Teaching financial literacy skills as a part of life skills curriculum is a vital component that affects many areas of their lives. Helping them achieve a level of financial comfort will help them be healthier, happier, have better relationship and be more involved in the community. The very core of a life skills curriculum should be the teaching of practical money management strategies.

Another important skill set in an effective life skills curriculum is relationships. The ability to form and maintain relationships affect every aspect of our life from business to personal. Most people will learn these on their own but as you can see from the record high divorce rate this is something that needs to be taught. In this day and age, we must share with the younger generation the traits that people in successful relationships have in common. People should be aware of these for there is only one chance for them to learn before they permanently hurt themselves or others.

When choosing a life skills curriculum make sure it includes the three steps mentioned above. You also want to make sure it is engaging and entertaining so the students or your children remember and internalize the information taught. This can be one of the most important subjects you provide today’s youth since it will have both a long lasting and positive impact on their lives and the lives of those they love.

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