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Choosing a Typing Tutor Program to Attract Children in Typing Learning

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

For children, the ability of using the computer is becoming fundamental in nowadays, so learning to type is must for them. But most children get bored with any repetitious task and even want to stop. This is a waste of time for them and, worse, children get into the bad habit of typing with two fingers. So parents or teachers have to face how to solve this problem.

As parents and teachers know, whether children want to learn a thing or not largely depends on whether they are attracted by it. Based on this, the typing tutor must be easy-to-use, fun colorful and appealing to children. Once children love and develop interest in it, they will learn to type on their own initiative. Generally, children naturally like to play games, because when playing games, they are always attracted by the colorful interface and pretty music in the games, and above all, they’re able to learn something quickly under no pressure. Apparently, the problem for children having no interest in learning to type is solved, they can learn to type when playing games.

There are many advantages of using typing games for typing: First, Games are a welcome break from the usual routine of the typing practice, thus help children learn typing more easily. Second, Typing requires a great deal of effort. Games help children to make and sustain the effort of learning. Third, Games are highly motivating since they are amusing and at the same time challenging.

There are lots of interesting typing games which also help to make typing fun. GS Typing Tutor is just one. The aim of this program is to make typing fun whilst increasing accuracy and speed. The feature-rich typing software supports 5 typing games: Rats in the garden, attacks of the alien, help, balloon, and card. The typing games each include 23 basic typing lessons. Taking the basic lessons, children can learn to type from the home row keys to other basic keys. The basic exercises also help them to be familiar with the keyboard layout step-by-step.

Some of the Reasons Why You Should Learn Foreign Languages

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Studying and learning foreign languages is no longer about having a better travelling experience. Before it pays to learn to speak the local or native language of a country you will be visiting to avoid any embarrassing and even sometimes insulting situations. Learning foreign languages is not just about getting the right directions, it is about making connections with people that have different languages, culture and history.

Research showed that learning another language would actually boost the knowledge of your own language. This would mean an increase in literacy, vocabulary, and better comprehension. There are studies showing that high school students who learned a different language have relatively better scores in their college entrance exams that those who do not study a second language.

Learning a foreign language also gives an opportunity for an individual to broaden his educational horizons. There are many educational opportunities abroad than we can explore. It would not only help us transcend cultural boundaries, but it will also help us understand subjects and concepts associated with the language.

Whenever we are learning a different language, it is part of being knowledgeable in it to also understand the underlying cultural values and structures of the people. In addition to that, most literary, music and other artistic milestones are not written in English. To fully appreciate and understand a literary work, it needs to be read and understood on its original form.

Learning a foreign language became a great advantage in looking for a career in this period of globalization. In business transactions, we cannot avoid the need of communicating in the language of the foreign business partners. Learning about foreign languages would help you promote your business in other countries effectively. If you want to build long and solid business ties and relationships in other countries, then you would need to be familiar with their language.

In this era of globalization, countries and people are forging closer connections. Learning foreign languages would help you build a global understanding. But learning how to speak in a foreign language should not be just to brag about it. Learning and mastering a foreign language should manifest when we start thinking in it and embracing the culture and history that comes with it.

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