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What Life Skills Are Vital

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

You live in a social environment and need to be able to interact with other people as well as be able to cope with life’s challenges. So there are some very important basic life skills which enable you to be able to do these things, otherwise you would find it difficult to cope in today’s society.

What life skills are vital?

*Being able to communicate with other people.

Communication consists of listening and speaking. You must be able to listen and understand what someone is asking or telling you and also be able to be clear about what you are asking or telling them. If you can’t do both of these you will find it difficult to work and interact with others. When communication breaks down then misunderstanding arises and people might become aggressive or unco-operative towards you and you might not be able to understand why this happens.

*Being able to look after your own needs for shelter and food.

You need to be aware of needing to have shelter when its cold for example and knowing that you must wear warmer clothes. If you can’t do this then you might be staying outside in the winter too long and not protecting yourself adequately against the elements.

You need to recognise when you must eat and drink and respond to those signals with good quality food otherwise your body may not function as efficiently as it could do and you will become more prone to infection and other illnesses.

*Knowing what you want. Then you will be able to find out how to achieve to set manageable goals, how to get over obstacles and objections you come up against and live the sort of life you really want.

Know what is important to you because knowing what you value is important in enabling you to move forward and living the sort of life you want.Not only that but you will be able to interact with others with integrity and authenticity.

Believing in yourself, because whatever you set out to do in life there will be people who support you and others who disagree with you. It helps you to stay focussed when you believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. Your positive mental attitude will,make it more likely you will have a positive outcome.

So all these life skills are important to cope with life and help you to become a successful person too.

How To Teach Life Skills For Children In Summer

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Summer is a great time to teach your children valuable skills they don’t learn in the classroom. In summer, you will have more time to work with your kids one-on-one because you have more time and patience.

When you talk about life skills it means to manage your own life. Some examples of life skills are cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and other similar skills. Some of you may have small children or teenage children. All children can learn how to help around the house if you give them age appropriate tasks.


Young children can help in the kitchen by washing fruits and vegetables and teenagers are capable of acting as assistant chefs in the kitchen. If you start them early enough they will have valuable skills by this age. They might be skilled enough to prepare side dishes while you concentrate on the main dish. Therefore, working in the kitchen together provides quality time with your kids and you will have time to talk while you are mixing and dicing.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a skill that everyone will need to have. Surprisingly, some adults never mastered this crucial skill. In order to have a successful shopping trip you must learn to prepare and follow a list, stay within your budget, and get everything you need for the week in one trip.

When you go shopping, younger children can help retrieve items from the shelves or put fruits and vegetables into plastic bags for you. Teenage children should be able to follow your list, comparison shop, and help with unloading the groceries. If everyone pitches in and helps, grocery shopping won’t seem so much like a chore.


Laundry is such a huge chore that there should be plenty to go around. Ask elementary aged children to sort your huge pile of laundry into manageable piles by color. This task is fairly easy for them and will save you a lot of time. Older children should be able to learn how to operate the washer and dryer. Older children can also fold clothes and carry them to the appropriate rooms. They are young than you and have more energy.

With a little patience and a little extra work you can teach your children these life skills during the summer and you will have more free time for fun activities with them.

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